Shipping and Refund

 1. Returns

You have the right to return any part if you feel that is either:

  • Damaged on arrival
  • Not as described (damage or part type)
  • Not suitable (fit for purpose)

Details of Any Return Request must be made via Phone +44(0)1384 456880 or via email to
Returns which constitute an item not being needed or required, this will be dealt with accordingly. For example, if a mechanic has asked you to change all 4 injectors and you purchase 4 injectors and only 1 is required, the other injectors cannot be returned for this reason. Likewise, if the part purchased does not solve any engine repair scenario, the part cannot be returned for a refund. Any refunds in these or similar scenarios will be done at a manager’s discretion.

We endeavour to reply to all return requests within 1 business day excluding weekends and bank holidays.

All return requests will be dealt with on a case by case basis and will be treated fairly. Your statutory rights are not affected


4. Shipping

Direct Engine Parts Ltd provides our UK and International shipping via a brokerage service. All terms and conditions of the brokerage service can be requested but are directly transferred to the buyer. All shipping is outsourced via brokerage. We do not offer delivery services with our own vehicles.

Carriers will be used in accordance to automated procurement comprising of the best rate and location as per your required shipping instructions and your geographic location. Shippers and Couriers we use, but not limited to are as follows:

  • UK Mail
  • DHL
  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • TNT
  • Palletways (Hub Network)
  • Palletline (Hub Network)

You will accept the terms and conditions of shipping for each company depending on who has been used for your consignment. Direct Engine Parts Ltd reserve the right to use any shipping company for your consignment. Your shipping prices are inclusive of handling and packaging.

Customs Processing
The Carrier will process Your Shipment for customs clearance in the country of its destination. Customs clearance procedures may vary widely in different countries. You agree that payment to Direct Engine Parts Ltd is not subject to nor conditional upon any actions or delays of the customs officials. Direct Engine Parts Ltd does not offer customs clearing services and this will be at your cost should it be required at your destination.

Security on Returns
You agree to send goods and materials in compliance with the Carrier’s requirements and security restrictions in place at the time of the shipment. You will only ship goods and materials that you own or originate with the purchase from our company.